Flettet vintage

Flettet vintage

Farve: Blå, brun, grå
Udvendig: Soft Cow Leather
Interiør: Indvendig: Sødt læder, blødt kokain Grå foring
Hardware: Messing

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Braided Vintage Leather Cross Body Purse

Braided Vintage Leather Cross Body Purse your everyday as well as evening necessary stuff stylishly structured and all in all in the genuine leather cross body purse. This smooth, silky, flexible, and lavish leather handbag capabilities have clean, sleek, modest, compact design with less shiny material.

TheBraided Vintage Leather Cross Body Purse with 1 front pocket which offer quick access to your own cell phone and other frequently-needed things, and comes with the 3 Internal Compartments. This genuine bags have adjustable strap for adaptable use as either a shoulder or a cross body bag.

Braided Vintage Leather Cross Body Purse. is a design style that combines elements of braided and vintage design.

Braided design features interweaving patterns and textures, often seen in textiles, jewelry, and hair styles. The braided element adds dimension and texture to the design, creating interest and visual appeal.

Vintage design, on the other hand, incorporates elements from the past, such as typography, patterns, and color schemes, to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and create a timeless look.

Design And Style

When the braided and vintage elements are combine, the result is a design style that is both classic and modern. The braided elements add depth and texture to the design, while the vintage elements bring a touch of nostalgia and timelessness. This style is often seen in fashion, jewelry design, home decor, and product design.

Braid Vintage design can be seen in many different forms, including braided patterns with a vintage color palette, vintage typography paired with braided illustrations, and the combination of vintage and braided textures in fashion and home decor. This style often incorporates natural materials such as leather and suede, and the use of earthy colors like brown, beige, and green.

This style appeals to those who appreciate unique and interesting textures and patterns, as well as those who want to incorporate elements of the past into their design.


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