Aleid Damen Geldbörse

Aleid Damen Geldbörse

Farbe: Braun

Material: Vintage Rindsleder

Kreditkarten- und Münzfächer: Ja

Währungstaschen: 2

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The Aleid Ladies Wallet, a fashionable and practical accessory for women, is stylish and functional. This wallet is made from durable, high-quality leather. This wallet has several card slots that can hold credit cards, loyalty cards, as well as a driver’s licence. It makes it easy to organize your cards and make sure you have access whenever you need them.

Aleid Ladies Wallet has card slots as well as a separate compartment that can hold car papers, documents and ID cards. This makes it easy to store important documents in one location and is easily accessible when you need them.

Its slim and compact design makes it ideal for everyday use. The Aleid Ladies Wallet is a great choice for women who want to organize and keep their personal items easily accessible.

You may also find additional features such as a snap closure, RFID blocking technology, or zipper coin pocket in your wallet. These extra features can enhance the security and ease of use.

The Aleid Ladies’ Wallet is an elegant and practical way for women to organize and keep their personal belongi

Ledergeldbörse für Frauen mit Kartenfächern für Kreditkarten, Kundenkarten, Führerschein usw. Sie hat ein Fach für Autopapiere, Dokumente und Ausweise.



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