Farbe: Braun/Braun

Äußeres: Vintage Buffelo Leder

Interieur: Schwarz

Hardware: Messing

Its Diederik backpack can be describe as a fashionable accessory composed of comfortable Buffalo leather. The material is known.

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Diederik backpack can be describe as a fashionable accessory composed of comfortable Buffalo leather. The material is known for its strength and durability; Buffalo leather is the perfect choice to make a backpack for regular use.

The backpack has two zip pockets on the front that are ideal for quick access, for example, a cell phone, keys, or even sunglasses. These pockets can be use to store additional items in space and keep your possessions safe and accessible.

The main compartment in the backpack is big enough to accommodate tablets or laptops. The compartment will safeguard your valuables and allow you to access your devices whenever you want to easily. The compartment is cushione to offer extra protection to your devices. This is perfect for transporting your devices with ease.

The backpack also has adjustable shoulder straps that offer a comfortable and secure fitting. The straps are cushione and easy to wear even when completely loaded. It is possible to adjust them to accommodate various body types, making them an ideal fit for every person.

Der Diederik-Rucksack zeichnet sich durch einen modernen und eleganten Stil aus, der ideal für den täglichen Gebrauch ist.

The Buffalo leather provides an elegant design and feels that makes it stand out from other backpacks. It’s a fantastic choice for casual and professional settings, making it an ideal accessory that can be utilize in various settings.

In short, The Diederik backpack is a stylish, sturdy, long-lasting, and practical backpack ideal for use in everyday life. It’s made of soft Buffalo leather.

Main compartment

It has two zipper pockets in the front. A huge main compartment to hold laptops or tablets, and paddle straps that can be adjuste comfortably. It’s the perfect choice for anyone needing a backpack that can use. That is suitable for both casual and professional use

A shoulder bag can be an elegant and practical accessory made of the pebbled leather of cows. The pebble texture of the leather provides the bag with a distinctive appearance and feel. Which makes it stand out from other bags. It has an opening in the front with a zip pocket. That’s ideal for keeping things you require to get to quickly. Like keys, phones or even sunglasses.


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