Color: Azul
Exterior: Cuero de vaca suave
Interior: Forro azul
Herrajes: Latón

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Belle Tote Bag

Belle Tote Bag with a twist. This beautiful bag is make from the high quality tanned cowhide leather. Finish with  antique brass hardware, and a surprise kick—a magnetic closure. Use this bag to carry your computer to and from work or to carry all those guilty pleasure magazines on the plane.

It is not only a tote, but a crossbody, and even turns into a backpack when you need to be hands free The Leather is made in our own LWG certified Tannery. The bag is make in our BSCI certified factory.

The Belle bag is multi-functional and fashion tote bag that can be use for work and for travel. Made from top-quality cowhide leather tanned to perfection The bag is sturdy and will only improve as time passes.

Its antique brass-colored hardware gives it a an elegant touch and the closure with magnetic clasp is an innovative and practical feature. Its Belle could be utilize as a classic bag, a crossbody or even as an actual backpack and is a great companion for your everyday activities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying your laptop from and to work, or reading your favourite magazines on the plane This bag has the job covered.


One of the most appealing aspects regarding. The Belle is that it’s make of leather obtained from our LWG-certified tanning plant. This ensures that the leather is of the highest quality and has been produce in an environmentally-friende manner. Furthermore, the bag is manufacture in our BSCI-certified facility This ensures that it was responsibly produce.

With the Belle bags, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product that is elegant also socially-conscious.

In the end The Belle is a stunning useful bag ideal to anyone. Who is who is look for a premium bag that can be utilize in many different ways. Its unique style, high-end materials and a socially responsible manufacturing it is a bag that will last for years.

Belle can be describe as a purse will be a joy to have and keep for many years to become. This bag isn’t just bag, but an assertion of fashion and ethical values.



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