Color: Negro, Marrón, Amarillo
Exterior: Cuero de vaca suave
Interior: Forro negro
Herrajes: Oro

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Bolsos cruzados Cissy

Cissy Crossbody Bags are in style these days. And if you like being in style 24×7, this brown tote is a killer purchase this season. The bag is crafted using premium leather and is highly durable. Also, it is as big as you can keep your tablet, Smartphone effectively into it.

The stripe pattern of the tote gives it an antique look which can go with any kind of outfit. Go stylish this season with this beautiful and highly reliable tote bag.

This Cissy handbag is a fashionable and practical accessory ideal for those who prefer to keep up with the latest trends. This brown tote has been constructed to be extremely durable and constructed with high-end leather, so it will last for several seasons. Because of its size it is easy to fit your smartphone, tablet and other necessities inside.

The stripe pattern on the bag provides it with an old-fashioned appearance that could work with any kind of dress and is a great accessory for every occasion.


Cissy Bag

The trend for crossbody bags is catching on in the present and the Cissy bag is no exception. It’s a fantastic option for those looking to stay fashionable 24 hours a day. This bag is ideal for use in everyday life for running around or heading out for an evening out on the town.

The bag’s versatility lets you pair it with any attire, from casual to formal. The strap that can be adjusted lets you put it on you body. It makes it easier to use your hands when you travel.

In short it is clear that in the end. The Cissy Crossbody Bag is a gorgeous and sturdy tote bag that’s ideal for people who want to keep up-to-date.

The premium leather construction and its versatile design make it an ideal accessory to wear on any occasion. its size and comfortable shoulder strap allow you to carry the necessities. It’s nyone who is looking for a fashionable and functional piece of clothing that can last for years.



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