Color: Negro , Tan y marrón
Exterior: Piel de vaca vintage
Interior: sin forro
Herrajes: Latón

It’s ideal for carrying your essentials and can carry a laptop, book, or water bottles.

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Miranda tote bag is a timeless and stylish accessory ideal for daily use—made from top-quality cow leather. That is a vintage style, The Miranda bag is designe to be sturdy and fashionable. The leather is carefully chose and then treate to give it a unique. The appearance of an old-fashioned look is certain to  noticed.

The minimalistic design of this bag is define by sleek lines and a clean, minimalist look. The absence of lining within the bag creates the feel of natural and raw. And is ideal for those drawn to the aesthetics of natural substances. The leather is produced by the company’s own LWG-certified tannery. Which has earned a reputation for its dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.

Natural Environment

The bag is manufacture by our BSCI-certified factory, which means that the bag is make sustainably and ethically. This means that all workers at this factory will be treate with respect. As well as the natural environment will be safeguarde throughout the manufacturing process. Miranda’s Miranda bags are truly a work of art hand-crafted by talented artisans who take immense satisfaction in their craft.

With its flexible design and high-quality materials. With its affluent design and premium materials. The Miranda bags are an ideal choice for those who value quality, style, and sustainability. When you’re running errands through the city or heading to work, the Miranda bag is bound to become your preferred accessory.

It’s ideal for carrying your essentials and can carry a laptop, book, or water bottles. The leather will grow a gorgeous patina as time passes, making the bag more distinctive with each use.

Tote bag made of vintage cow leather. It is a minimalistic design with no lining inside. The Leather is make in our own LWG-certified Tannery. The bag is make in our BSCI-certified factory.


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