Explore Different Types of Materials Used for Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves

According to a report in 2020, “The UK exports more than 80% of its leather production, with destinations in over 80 countries.” This number is enough to indicate the rapid growth of the leather industry in the UK. It is almost impossible to count how many products get manufactured with leather.

However, this blog has brought one of the most used products, gloves, made with leather. Here you will know some of the most common materials used to manufacture leather gloves. As a trusted and certified custom leather products manufacturer, we can produce anything you want to meet your specifications.

Leather Gloves

Here are the common materials you may choose for leather gloves manufacturing.

Carpincho Leather

This leather gets derived from capybaras, semi-aquatic rodents native to South America. Many people mistake it for peccary leather because it has an effect and looks similar to peccary. However, this material is one of the most common and inexpensive materials for leather gloves.

Cowhide Leather

Generally, we use cowhide leather for low-priced leather because these are not as durable as they should be. This material is quite thick and heavy. So, choosing these gloves for day and evening wear is never a good choice. Instead, you may opt for them while looking for something to protect yourself from the cold.


Deerskin leather is one of the most admired materials for leather gloves. These are sturdy and show a more pronounced grain, making them popular with outdoorsy folks who hike in cold climates. People like this type because of its rugged and coarse appearance with decent strength. To collect more information, visit our Facebook page now!

Hairsheep Leather

This leather is fine and less bulky than most leather and comes with a very supple and soft touch. Also, it offers enduring resistance to wear and tear, making the gloves long-lasting. Many consider it as Cape Skin which means hair sheep from South Africa.

Lamb Nappa

This leather is chrome-tanned, soft and supple. This material gets used in top-quality leather gloves only. The features of the leather, like its touch, thickness, and flexibility, make it ideal for elegant dress gloves for men and women.


It is one of the leading and rare materials found in gloves, making it the most resplendent style available in the market today. It gets derived from the Peccary animal, a part of the pig family. Wild animals in Peru are the prime source of the best quality hides. For more details, visit our Twitter page and get the latest updates.

Different Styles of Leather Gloves You May Manufacture

While willing to stock a varied range of gloves in your store to be a more efficient seller, try out the following gloves:

  • Welding
  • Double Palm
  • Full Palm/Rigger
  • Patch Palm
  • Furniture Gloves
  • Driver Gloves
  • Water Resistant Gloves

Wrapping Up!

After choosing your preferred materials for producing leather gloves, contact us! Only we can provide you with the best quality custom gloves and other leather goods at the most competitive pricing. However, if this blog has been helpful for you, let us know!

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