Couleur : Rouge

Extérieur : Cuir de vachette vintage

Intérieur : Doublure rouge

Matériel : laiton

Sac à main Elmo en cuir de vachette vintage. Il possède deux poches frontales zippées. Il a une fermeture à glissière sur le dessus. Il dispose également d'une sangle réglable.



The Elmo handbag, made of vintage cow leather, is stylish and practical. The durability and unique charm of vintage cow leather make it an excellent choice for people who love the old-fashioned look.

 handbag provide additional storage space. These pockets are great for storing items you need quickly and easily such as keys or your phone. You can keep your belongings safe with the zip-closed top.

You can adjust the Elmo strap to fit your needs. The Elmo handbag can be carried comfortably whether you are running errands or going out on a night out. This strap can also be used by anyone who likes to carry their handbags around the body.

The Elmo handbag’s design is simple but stylish. It can be used with a wide range of outfits and occasions. Its vintage cow leather lends it an authentic vintage look, which makes it a great choice for people who love vintage style.

The Elmo handbag is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a stylish, durable, functional and fashionable handbag that will last for many years. It is practical for everyday use thanks to its vintage cow leather and adjustable strap. The bag also has additional pockets and a unique vintage look.

Sac à main en cuir de vachette Vintage. Il possède deux poches frontales zippées. Il a une fermeture à glissière sur le dessus. Il possède également une sangle réglable.


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