Indian Manufacturer of leather goods for women and men Leather wallet , Bags and Belts


Your manufacturer for ladies + gents leather wallets, bags and Belts

We are your manufacturer from India for leather goods and accessories. We produce ladies and gents Wallets, handbags/ purses and Belts.

Founded in 1983, Adnan International Lederwaren began to export International design, manufacturing and quality leather goods to worldwide customers. We have since exported to many countries in the European Community and the United States. Our company is a team of professional experts and skilled workers. We have a very good infrastructure with two factories in Kolkata (India). These factories are equipped with modern and imported machinery. Our leather wallet production is supported with the latest technology, and other resources. With this we ensure that the customer can experiance the best performances in terms of consistent quality and timely delivery.

Your Leather goods designs are in good hands

As a manufacturer of Small Leather goods the company has a phenomenal track record. We have experienced in recent years a tremendous growth. Leather purses, billfolds, wallets can all be made in small or large quantities. Each color such as black, blue, dark blue, brown, tan, etc., and in any leather type such as Nappa, DDDM, NDM, PDM, Suede etc. is possible for us. There are many models. Your own designs are also welcome. We can make your purse, wallet, billfolds for men and women in small and large format. We make everything according to your wishes. We manage the entire production chain. We make from the rough skin to leather in our own tannery. The leather is then used to make the Wallet. Production takes place in our own BSCI certified factory. The wallets are exported and imported by our own company in the Netherlands. You will get the wallets with the highest quality. If the wallets are not good, you also have to pay nothing. So you are always assured of good quality and timely delivery. We can make from your samplea counter sample. When you are OK with the sample then we can start



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