Titolare di carta di credito Felix

Titolare di carta di credito Felix

Colore: Marrone

Materiale: Pelle antica

Tasche per carte di credito e monete: Sì

Tasca per la valuta: No

The Felix Credit Card Holder is a stylish and sophisticated wallet that can be used by both women. 



The Felix Credit Card Holder is a stylish and sophisticate wallet that can be use by both women. The wallet is make from soft cow leather, which gives it a vintage feel and adds a luxurious touch. It can hold all your daily essentials, regardless of whether you are a man/woman.

This wallet has 12 card slots that can hold credit cards, ID cards and other important cards. This wallet’s soft cow leather is durable and luxurious. Card slots make it easy to find and organize your cards.

A zip coin pocket on the Felix Credit Card Holder provides secure and convenient storage for your change. This makes the wallet ideal for people who carry lots of coins. This wallet also offers 2 spaces for paper currency. This is great for people who prefer to keep their cash separate from their cards.

This wallet has a vintage leather finish that gives it a timeless appearance. The wallet will age gracefully, developing a patina over time that will make it even more elegant. Its compact design makes it easy for you to carry around your credit card. This wallet is ideal for those who want a fashionable and functional wallet to keep with them.

A wallet for Women in  Vintage leather with 12 card slots and zip coin pocket. It is make of soft cow leather. The wallet has 2 space for paper currency.

Titolare di carta di credito Felix


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