Portafoglio Johan da uomo

Portafoglio Johan da uomo

Colore: nero

Materiale: Morbida pelle di vacca Nappa

Tasca per carte di credito e valuta:

Johan Men’s wallet is made of top high-grade soft genuine leather. It has space for 8 credit cards. There is also space for currency notes.

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Adnanlederwaren, a leading manufacturer of premium leather goods, presents the Johan Men’s Wallet. This wallet is made of the finest quality soft genuine leather, ensuring both style and durability. The leather material is carefully selected and processed to ensure a luxurious feel while providing long-term use. As the wallet ages, it will develop a unique patina, making it an actual statement piece.

The wallet has ample storage space inside, with 8 slots for credit cards, a place for currency notes, and a coin pocket with flap closure. The credit card slots are spacious and allow you to organize your cards conveniently, making them easily accessible.

The currency note compartment

The currency note compartment is extensive, allowing you to store all your bills in one place. The coin pocket is also a unique feature, offering you a secure place to store your coins.

In terms of design, the Johan Men’s Wallet is functional and stylish. Its compact and slim design makes it easy to carry in your pocket, making it ideal for everyday use. The wallet’s classic and elegant style makes it a suitable accessory for any occasion. It’s an excellent gift for your loved ones, making a perfect addition to their collection of premium leather goods.

In conclusion, the Johan Men’s Wallet is a stylish, high-quality wallet for men. Its premium leather material, ample storage space, and functional design make it an excellent choice for those who want a stylish and practical wallet. Adnanlederwaren is committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service; this wallet is no exception.

Men’s wallet made of top high-grade soft genuine leather. It has space for 8 credit cards. There is also space for currency notes. The coin pocket is spacious with a flap closure.

Portafoglio Johan da uomo



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