Colore: nero

Esterno: Pelle di mucca

Interno: Tessile nero, con scomparto per laptop/tablet

Ferramenta: ottone

Modern Marit Ladies Bag Pack pack made of soft touch cow leather. It has the top closed with a zipper. The interior is make of textile in black colour.



Marit is a stylish and modern backpack made from soft-touch cowhide leather. It is ideal for everyday use. This bag is fashionable and practical, making it an excellent choice for men.

The bag’s top zipper allows you to access the interior while keeping your belongings safe. The bag’s interior is made from textile in black colour. It has a clean, elegant appearance.

Tablet or laptop

It is ideal for professionals and students who need to take their devices on the move. You can also use the additional space to store other essentials every day.

Lo zaino può essere trasportato comodamente grazie alla tracolla regolabile. La tracolla è anche imbottita, per un maggiore comfort della spalla.

The Marit backpack is versatile and practical. It is ideal for anyone looking for a fashionable and valuable bag. This backpack is excellent for anyone, whether you are a student, a professional or just like to be organized. Thanks to its soft-touch cowhide leather and thoughtful design, this backpack will be your go-to bag.

 Marian is a premium laptop bag that combines style and functionality. This backpack is make from high-quality vintage cowhide leather and is stylish and durable. It is ideal for those who want a practical backpack and can keep up with their hectic lifestyle.

Modern backpack made of soft-touch cow leather. It has the top closed with a zipper. The interior is make of textile in black colour. It has one large compartment for the laptop or tablet. Also, the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap.


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