Leather Gloves 101: Here is Everything You Should Know for Business!

Leather gloves have been famous for protection, elegance, and comfort from the past to the present. Gloves represent status because sophisticated people once wore them.

You can find different types of leather gloves in the market. People use it as an accessory to complement an outfit and a component for warmth in the winter.

However, this blog has a few facts you should explore before ordering leather gloves to stock in your store this winter. So, keep scrolling down and discover more!

Leather gloves

Components to Consider While Manufacturing Leather Gloves

As a business or retail shop owner, you should take care of the following considerations to make the orders and products more precise, making selling easier!

  • The purpose of the gloves
  • The usage of the leather gloves
  • Types of material you want for the production
  • And the quality and quantity

Here you will see numerous types of material you can choose for leather gloves. These are:

Nappa Leather

Nappa leather looks different and stands out because of its thin and soft texture. This leather, derived from lambs and sheep of countries with milder tropical monsoon climates, is suitable for gloves. Though it is thin, its durability, strength, and flexibility provide ease of use. You can understand it is a luxury product immediately after noticing its tiny pores and oily appearance. So you can rely on it!


As a result of its classy appearance, leather has always been expensive. Its unique patterned texture, high durability, and softness make it one of the perfect materials for gloves though being thick and bulky. This quality also enhances its value since it provides a comfortable wearing thanks to its extreme softness. But remember, only the deer from countries in cold arctic climates have such features. 

Peccary Pigskin

After several studies, this peccary pigskin leather has emerged as the most luxurious leather glove material. Wise business owners often demand this material for glove making for its softness, flexibility, and durable structure. People love to wear these as driving gloves because of their easy-to-use quality. 

So if you wish to stock only the premium quality gloves in your shop to showcase your excellence, choose this leather for manufacturing.  

Suede Leather (Metis)

While seeking something unique and trusted, go for suede leather because its soft feel and texture will ensure the quality of the products. It creates a velvety surface feature to give the end product more shine and a stunning look. 

People with high expectations select these leather gloves because they are long-lasting and complement any outfit. Our custom manufacturers offer a range of materials to choose from, making the process convenient for business persons. So, wisely make your decision while willing to take your business to a higher level.


It is a hard or solid textured lather that you can rarely find in luxury leather gloves. Its asymmetrical and large pores and hardness make it inappropriate for gloves made for high fashion. Instead, they get used for harsh conditions such as sports, motorcycles, work, and outdoors where abrasion resistance is vital. Visit our Twitter page for more details!

The most common designs of leather gloves you will find from us are gloves for:

  • Welding
  • Double palm
  • Full palm
  • Patch palm
  • Driver
  • Winter
  • Carpenter, and so on!

If you need more collections, view our Pinterest page or contact our custom manufacturer for your next deal!

Wrapping Up!

Please let us know if the blog was helpful for you. If you still have doubts or confusion, contact our manufacturer through our Facebook page or come to our office in The Netherlands. We would love to work with you!

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