Little-Known Facts on Vegan Leather Bags Manufacturer in the UK

vegan leather bags manufacturer in the UK

The craze for leather goods is not new. People from ancient times have been using leather for various purposes. According to a survey, “the UK exports over 80% of its leather production, with destinations in over 80 countries.” This information shows how popular the leather business is.

Vegan leather is one of the widely loved types of leather. As a vegan leather bags manufacturer in the UK, we would love to inform you about the little-known facts about this prospect. So, stick to this blog till the end.

Basic Information on Vegan Leather Bags

There is hype for leather bags in the UK market. People love to carry fashionable and elegant leather bags. As a company owner, you will never have a loss if you opt for vegan leather bags for your store. Instead, because of the newness, the buyers will feel more curious. So, give it a try!

Types of Vegan Leather Bags

You probably do not know that there are various types of vegan leather, but they can essentially get split into just two categories:

Natural Vegan Leather Bags

Natural vegan leather comes from plant-based materials, such as cork, pineapple and walnut, sometimes collectively referred to as “plant leathers”. Or, it can get found in fungus, such as mushroom leather, or even from algae (seriously!). The bags made from this leather material are very sustainable and eco-friendly because this process creates less carbon dioxide emissions.

Synthetic Vegan Leather Bags

As a trusted vegan leather bags manufacturer in the UK, we also use synthetic vegan leather that refers to materials like PU leather. It comes from polyurethane or other plastic-based options. Sometimes, many people call it “pleather” because these get made directly from petrochemicals. But, they can also get made from recycled plastics. It is a perfect choice for bags because it is 100% water-resistant and easy to clean. Because it uses fewer resources to make, this is the best choice if you want something sustainable.

There is another third category of “lab-grown vegan leather”. It could technically get viewed as a mix of natural and synthetic leather. Because of the biological or natural organisms in this procedure, we shall classify such materials as natural.

Wrapping Up

So, while looking for the best vegan leather bags manufacturer in the UK, you must contact us. Our tailor-made services and consistent product quality will win your heart. So, if you want to gain more details, you may read a few more blogs.

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