Most Common Types of Bags to Take on Summer Holidays 

leather bags

A study shows that “the leather bag market is worth approximately €3.5 billion in Europe. The market grows at an average rate of 3.2% each year.” The constant growth of this market indicates the increasing love for leather bags in the UK. 

However, we tend to adapt our wardrobes as we enter the warmer months. Accessories are an integral part of any outfit. So, one would consider changing them as well.  

We have brought this blog to make people understand how to prepare for the summer and to put together the latest bag trends. So, read the following types and decide what you want in your store. Our custom manufacturer will give you what you want. Here you go!

leather bags

1. Basket Bags

Traditionally, people use this bag as a beach accessory, and it has been gaining more and more popularity this year. Its aesthetic appeal makes it a perfect option for summer. Also, when seeking something longer-lasting, trying a basket bag will never go wrong because it will create a sturdier frame making it easier to withstand everyday wear and tear. This bag will surely add the X-factor to the personality, making one stand apart from the crowd. 

2. Oversized Bags

Many people struggle to pack light for any occasion due to insufficient space in the bag. For them, we have this solution- oversized bags. These bags are trending high, and stocking them in your store will give your shop more preferences. These bags are practical and stylish and offer a comfortable holding. Also, it is a perfect fit for airport bags because one can keep all their important documents, favourite books, electronics, travel pillow, and snacks with plenty of room. Visit our Facebook page and see our previous manufactured top-quality leather bags. 

3. Colourful Shoulder Bags

Using colour is one of the easiest ways to appear more summery. While wishing to brighten up any outfit without stepping too far out of your comfort zone, wearing boldly coloured accessories is the ideal way. Think of fuchsia, mustard yellow, tangerine orange, mint green, and any other vibrant colour and ask our professionals to manufacture the bags accordingly. 

We know the importance of having customer choice leather bags in your store. So, allow our clients to choose the design they want- we will do the rest!

4. Crossbody Bags

Due to the convenient carrying method, crossbody straps are perfect for summer bags. For any queries, you may contact our Twitter page. These types of bags make the wearers or users hands-free for other things. So, if you want to keep something elegant and convenient for your customers, this bag will be the right strategy.  

We may also help you choose the designs and patterns all your customers would love. So, allow us to work with you!

Wrapping Up!

While seeking the best manufacturer to produce the latest model leather bags, you may contact us. Our private label custom leather manufacturers ensure you get what you want with your brand name imprinted on the products, spreading your company reputation and creating a loyal customer base. 

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