Arabella Dames Portemonnee

Arabella Dames Portemonnee

Kleur: Zwart

Materiaal: Zacht geitenleer

Zakken voor creditcards en munten: Ja

Geldzakken: 1

De Arabella portemonnee heeft kaartsleuven voor bankpassen, ID-kaarten, klantenkaarten en rijbewijzen. Het heeft een apart vak voor autopapieren, bonnetjes, enz.

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Its Arabella ladies Wallet is stylish and sleek accessory that is ideal to keep all your necessities organised. It’s make with various pockets and compartments that provide ample storage space to store all your papers, cards and coins.

The wallet comes with numerous slots to store your ID cards, bank card, loyalty cards as well as your driver’s license. The slots are laid out in a neat manner and are easy to access which makes it simple to locate the card you require quickly.

It also comes with an additional compartment to store important documents such as the car registration documents or receipts as well as other papers. This compartment will keep your documents neat and tidy and provides an easy access whenever you require the documents.

This Arabella Ladies Wallet also comes with a coin compartment with an open zipper. The coin pocket offers safe storage for loose change, making sure they don’t fall out or being lost. Coin pockets are ideal for people who frequently carry coins.

Wallet features:

The wallet features a chic and timeless design with a stunning look. Which makes it an ideal accessory to wear with any outfit. It is made of high-quality components and materials, so it’ll last for an extend period of time.

Overall overall, the Arabella Ladies Wallet is a practical and fashionable accessory. That has plenty of storage space for everything you need. Such as documents, coins. And cards It offers a fantastic combination of design, practicality and toughness.

De portemonnee heeft kaartsleuven voor bankpasjes, ID-kaarten, klantenkaarten en een rijbewijs. Er is een apart vak voor autopapieren, bonnetjes, enz. Er is een muntvakje met een rits.

Arabella Dames Portemonnee


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