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Adnan Lederwaren

3207 Credit card Wallet with RFID

3207 Credit card Wallet with RFID

Material: Soft cow Leather

Colour: Black

Credit card pockets:9

Currency Pocket: Yes

Extra: RFID protector inside

Leather Mini Wallet, 3207 Credit card Wallet with RFID protected metal box slider. 6 card slots in the metal box and 3 outside the box

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3207 Credit card Wallet with RFID protected metal box slider.  This wallet includes 6 card slots in the metal box for bank cards, club or loyalty cards, and driver’s licenses, and 3 outside the box. Has space for paper currency.  The purse also impresses with its sleek design. Gift box possible


Credit card Wallet with RFID Safety

  • Stay RFID Protected:
  • Every card slot is equipped with advanced RFID blocking material, which blocks RFID signals and protects the valuable private information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans.
  • Tested & Approved by Independent Test Lab. Tested from 10MHz to 3000MHz, including 13.56 MHz in which the credit cards operate.

Adnan Lederwaren offers an elegant and practical credit card holder that has RFID protection. The wallet is designed to keep your credit and debit cards against cyber petty loss. The metal slider in the box not only adds an elegant touch and style but also provides a secure location to store your credit cards.

The wallet is equipped with six slots to hold cards within the box. They can use to store the most popular cards such as loyalty cards, ID cards, bank cards, and many more. Three slots are located on the exterior of the box for easy accessibility. The wallet has ample space to store money on paper, making it a perfect choice for everyday usage.

The compact dimensions of this wallet make it convenient to slip into your pocket, purse, or even your bag. The RFID security feature provides security while traveling and it ensures that your personal information is protect. 

The elegant design and the assortment of colors make it a great choice for gifts. Additionally, it includes a gift box. Buy now and feel the convenience and security provided by this RFID-secure wallet that accepts credit cards.

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