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Adnan Lederwaren



Color:  Brown
Exterior: Vintage Cow Leather
Interior: Brown
Hardware: Brass

Alex Messenger Bag for Sale on Adnan Lederwaren at an affordable price that is makes with vintage cow leather. Cotton lining inside. Adjustable shoulder belt

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Alex Messenger Bag for Sale on Adnan Lederwaren introduces The Vintage Messenger Bag made of cow-hide. It is a fashionable and practical bag ideal for daily use. The bag is constructed of antique cow leather, which is durable and lasts for a long time. Leather is protect to protect against scratches and stains, making sure that the bag will remain sleek and polished when you wear it regularly.

The bag comes with an open flap on the front that has two straps. They are secure to ensure your items are safe. It also features two pockets under the flap that provide more storage space. The first compartment in it is makes to accommodate tablets or laptops which makes it ideal for those who must take their devices when travelling.

The bag also has an interior lining of cotton on the inside, which protects your belongings. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder belt which allows you to adjust the size to suit your needs. This bag is appropriate for both genders and is ideal for daily use, whether to school, work or taking an excursion.

Adnan Lederwaren takes pride in making all of our products at the company’s own BSCI-certified factory. Which guarantees that the materials we use are of the best quality. The leather is manufactured in our very own LWG accredited Tannery making sure our leathers are ecologically healthy and of the best quality.

The Vintage messenger bag makes of cow leather is an investment that will last for many years. Buy now and experience the style, convenience and functionality of this fashionable and practical bag.


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