Color: Brown
Exterior: Buffelo Leather
Interior: Textile , with mobile phone , creditcard and Laptop / tablet compartment.
Hardware: Silver

Backpack Buresta made of brown buffalo leather. It has 3 front zip pockets.The top closed with a flap.

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Buresta Leather Backpack

Buresta Leather Backpack is an elegant and practical accessory ideal for daily use. The backpack is constructe of premium brown buffalo leather, giving it a tough and sturdy style and feel. Leather is soft and comfortable to feel and will develop a unique patina with time and make your backpack unique.

The backpack has three zip pockets on the front, allowing easy access to the essentials. The top can be closed using flaps, which provide an additional layer of security and helps keep your valuables secure. It is secure using an extremely strong buckle, which ensures that your backpack is locked when you want it to be.

Inside Part Of Backpack

The inside part of your backpack has a tan-colored fabric that is smooth on the hand and simple to clean. The inside of the backpack has a zipper pocket as well as two smaller compartments. One is to hold your phone, and one holds credit cards. This allows you to organize your items and make them easy to access.

Additionally, another pocket specifically designed for tablets and laptops makes it the ideal option for professionals and students who have to carry electronic devices. The pockets are padde and lined with fleece, offering additional security for the device.

The Busta backpack is a stylish and practical option for those looking for a sturdy and useful backpack. It’s perfect for everyday use and can withstand any wear and tear that comes with everyday usage. With its top-quality material, realistic style, and useful features, The Buresta backpack is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a functional and stylish backpack. Overall all, it is a great choice.

Backpack Buresta made of brown buffalo leather. It has 3 front zip pockets.The top closed with a flap. The interior is mae of textile in Tan color, has a zip pocket and one small compartment for the mobile and one for credit cards. Also has a pocket for Laptop / Tablet.


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