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Adnan Lederwaren

Bente Wallet

Bente Wallet

Bente Wallet

Colour: Brown

Material: Hunter Cow Leather

Credit Card Pockets: Yes

 Currency Pocket: Yes

Extra: RFID Aluminium protector inside

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Buy Online Bente Wallet, a High-quality hunter leather wallet with an Aluminium RFID metal box slider. This wallet has various card slots in the metal box for bank cards, loyalty cards, and driver’s licenses and 2 outside boxes. It has space for paper currency.
This product is ideal for promotional gifts. We can emboss the logo on the front or inside the wallet.

Buy Online Bente Wallet is a premium leather wallet for men  It’s made of premium hunter leather and has an Aluminium Metal box slider with RFID.

Bente Wallet

The metal box is equipped with various slots for cards that are ideal for keeping your bank cards, loyalty cards, and driver’s licenses secure and organized. The wallet also has two more slots outside for cards and ample space for currency on paper.

One of the main aspects of this type of wallet is the RFID blocker technology the box slider offers. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology utilize in various debit and credit cards, passports, ID cards, and other types of identification.

This makes it an easy threat to thieves using RFID skimmers to steal personal data. The metal slider in this wallet shields your cards. Skimming RFID ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Additionally to that, The Bente Wallet is ideal as an advertising present. It’s a classic and elegant design that can personalize to match your brand. Image and making it the ideal option for corporate promotional gifts, sales, and other occasions. The leather surface is print with a logo or embossed on the front or inside.

 It’s an efficient and practical accessory that adds an elegant look. It’s got RFID security and custom options, it’s the perfect option for personal use as well as a promotional present.


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