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Adnan Lederwaren



Color:  Brown
Exterior: Soft Cow Leather
Interior: Brown lining
Hardware: Gold

Alongside the top-quality materials, the waist bag is also manufacture at a BSCI-accredited factory. This certification

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 Buy Paris Waist Bag

Buy Paris Waist Bag our stylish waist bag made from the soft leather of cows. This bag is elegant and chic, designed with an open-top closure on the front. There are two pockets on the front and an inner lining of cotton. The belt’s adjustable size ensures a secure and comfortable fitting and makes it the ideal accessory for every occasion.


The Buy Paris Waist Bag use to construct the waist bag is of the finest quality and is make by our LWG-certified tanning facility. This means that your leather has been produce  and sustainably and provides you with stylish and socially responsible products.

Alongside the top-quality

Alongside the top materials, the waist bag is also manufacture at a BSCI-accredited factory. This  guarantees that the factory adheres to strict environmental and social standards provides a fair environment for employees and minimizes their environmental impact.

So if you’re looking for a Buy Paris Waist Bag attractive and functional item that’s environmentally and sustainably produced, look no further than our stylish waist bag. With its gorgeous style, premium materials, and socially responsible manufacturing, the waist bag will become a   for years to follow.

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