Jelle Wallet Aluminium RFID

Jelle Wallet Aluminium RFID

Colour: Green

Material: Cow Leather

Credit Card and Coin Pockets: Yes

Currency Pocket: Yes

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Jelle Wallet Aluminium RFID Jelle Wallet, The Jelle Wallet with Aluminium RFID, is an elegant and unique wallet that blends fashion and security. It is constructed of premium aluminum which makes it strong and lightweight.

It is also sturdy and strong. The wallet has slots for cards in the box. They are great for storing loyalty cards, bank cards, driver’s licenses, and other cards that are essential in a neat and organized way. The slots for cards have an RFID-blocking technology that protects your data against electronic skimming and scanning. 

This feature adds a layer of protection to shield your identity from theft and insecure gain access to personal data. It also has a space to store your personal information. Jelle Wallet also has a place to keep documents like receipts, currency, and other important documents neat and well-organized.

It’s compact and small enough for a pocket, making it easy to carry around and a good alternative for daily use. The stylish style of the wallet is not just practical but also elegant and stylish, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an attractive and safe method to store their precious items. 

In short, Jelle Wallet Aluminium RFID is an efficient and secure wallet with RFID-blocking capabilities and plenty of storage space for documents and cards. It is also light and elegant.

The wallet comes with card slots in the metal box for bank cards, loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, etc. It has space for paper currency, receipts, and documents.


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