Color:  Red
Exterior: Cow Leather
Interior: Red lining
Hardware: Brass

Rough and tough look but still very feminine

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Laura Leather Jacket is make with great precison. It is maKe from 100% Cowhide leather. We ensure that every part matches the original from the color to edging & leather superiority smoothness. Laura Having Pointed collars and Front YKK Zip closure.

Laura is a name commonly give to female individuals. It is of Latin origin and means “bay laurel,” a type of tree that was historically use in ancient Greece to make wreaths for champions and heroes.

Laura as a name has been popular throughout history, appearing in various works of literature such as the sonnets of Petrarch, a 14th-century Italian poet. In these sonnets,  is depicted as a beautiful and ideal woman.

In modern times, the name Laura remains popular and has been use for various fictional characters. Including Laura Palmer. The mystery woman in the TV series “Twin Peaks,” and  Croft, the protagonist of the video game series “Tomb Raider.”

Laura is often see as a traditional and timeless name, with a classic and elegant image. People name Laura are often describe as confident, intelligent, and warm-hearted individuals. They are often well-spoken, articulate, and able to easily connect with others.

Laura is a versatile name that can be use for women of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It is a name that is easily pronounce and recognize in many languages, making it a great choice for a name that is both unique and universal.

In conclusion,  is a name with a rich history and cultural significance. It is a timeless, classic, and elegant name that has remained popular for generations, and is well-suited for confident, intelligent, and warm-hearted individuals.


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