Types of Leather Wallets You May Use as Promotional Gifts

Leather wallet as promotional gifts

According to research, the global leather goods market reached a value of £277.2 Billion in 2021. It also has occupied a strong reputation on the promotional grounds, and you may choose wallets in this case. Wallets have become an integral part of everyone’s life. They are stylish and practical accessories that store our cash, cards and ID documents. So choosing the precisely crafted leather wallet as promotional gifts will boost your business.

However, before dealing with us, you should know about the different leather wallets you can choose for your promotional gifts. As a custom leather goods manufacturer, we will produce what you want. Let’s explore the types!

Leather wallet as promotional gifts

Types of Leather Wallets as Promotional Gifts

Explore each point and gain more knowledge!

Bi-fold wallet

Many people consider it one of the most popular wallets around. This wallet relies on a simple fold-over construction. Its simple design ensures this style of wallet remains relatively flat and compact. A typical bi-fold wallet comprises 4-8 storage slots for cards, an ID window and an open bill compartment, offering users quick access to cash and cards.

Tri-fold wallet

A tri-fold wallet is a slightly more advanced form of bi-fold. It boasts three sections and two folds, providing the users with more safety and security. So, using this leather wallet as promotional gifts will not disappoint you and your customers because it contains an abundance of space for credit cards, notes, receipts, and coin pockets.

Travel wallet

Who does not love to go on a trip? Everyone, right! And giving your customers a travel wallet will bring a smile to their faces. Whenever they see those wallets, it will remind them of your company and the memories they have made on a trip. This sweet gesture will win their hearts, making a good impression of your brand in their eyes.

Wrapping Up!

So, after making your decision on which type of wallet you want, you may contact us. Or, if you have further queries, allow us to clear them with our best knowledge. We will offer the best quality leather wallet as promotional gifts to wing your business and take it to the next level.

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