Adnan International Lederwaren has its own leather production factory in India with BSCI certificate ..

Promotional give away production is also possible.

We meet all the requirements for an environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Our Tannery is gold member of LWG , one of the toughest Audits in the world for a tannery. With a state-of-the-art Tannery for the leather, we have the complete production chain from purchase of raw skin, making leather, leather goods, export and import of these leather goods from our Dutch office, all in one hand.

Our leather goods manufacturing, stands out for its competitive price and the highest quality of our products and their finishing. We are expert manufacturers of handbags, Wallets and belts backed with the expertise of professionals of design, pattern making and material selection. All of which makes the manufacturing of leathergoods in the flagship of our firm Adnan International Lederwaren.

On time agreed delivery with the highest quality, together with an insuperable logistics, make Adnan International Lederwaren the best of the manufacturers with the scalability and infrastructure needed in order to tackle the production of your leather handbag, Leather Wallets and Leather Belts collections.

Many national and international brands already trust us to manufacture their leather goods collections. Get in contact with us to get to know our working methods and prices.

Adnan International Lederwaren means quality in the leather goods manufacturing for international fashion and luxury brands, that trust us to make their leather goods and their leather accessories.

Our way of working, in constant communication with the client from our Netherlands office, makes us the perfect manufacturer for small, medium and large volume productions, in addition to our excellent logistics and insuperable quality control. The shipment of samples and the follow up of the production of your leather goods is done in a continuous way.

Our customers are everybody who wants to make a collection in Leather goods from start-ups to leather goods retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, chain stores, companies who want to tailor their own promotional products.


Competent prototyping team

I am very happy with the performance of Adnan International and their prototyping / sampling team. They are competent, talented and versatile and this is important to us as it helps us to introduce new designs quickly and helps us maintain our edge in the market.


Great Manufaturing partner

Our products are manufactured to our exacting specifications and with attention to detail, which are so rare elsewhere. The quality of the leather is excellent and the choices are many. We wholeheartedly endorse Adnan International as one of the best professional leather goods manufacturers.

Inkoop afdeling


Communication is the most challenging aspect of working with a foreign manufacturer, but with their office here in the Netherlands, Adnan International makes the process much easier and more effective. We get the best of both worlds, competitive overseas leather goods manufacturing services with easy and effective communication close to home here.

Your designs and our manufacturing, together one team.