Style Various Types of Leather Jackets to Make a Fashion Statement!

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Do you know “the UK exports more than 80% of its leather production, with destinations in over 80 countries?” The growth of the leather industry is expanding rapidly with the advancement of leather goods stores and products. As a trusted custom private label leather manufacturer, we aim to produce the best leather goods for our clients to retain their customers and reputation.

One of the sensational products of leather goods is leather jackets. Though it got used for the purpose in old times, leather jackets are one of the trendiest products in the current fashion market.

However, this blog gives styling tips to people who love wearing various leather jackets on different occasions. Here you go!

Leather Jackets
Leather Jackets

Formal Leather Jackets

Leather jackets can create a mesmerising formal look, meaning one can wear them to the office, formal events and meetings. Pairing the jacket with suit trousers or chinos, a shirt and tie and matching leather shoes will be enough to make a sophisticated look.

If one wants to skip the shirt and tie, pair the leather jacket with a turtle neck jumper, pair of jeans and suit shoes!

Casual Leather Jackets

A leather jacket can get thrown over most outfits to make a casual look. A brown or black leather jacket with a pair of jeans and a basic white t-shirt is one of the everyday styles no matter where you’re heading.

Another basic yet stylish look is pairing jeans with a plain black t-shirt and a black leather jacket over them! If you want to know about our jacket manufacturing, visit our Facebook page now!

Biker Leather Jackets

This type has an eye-catching design with lots going on, including zipped pockets, off-centre zips, poppers and padded arms. A calmer outfit choice underneath allows the jacket to talk for itself because of its bold styling. Pairing it with a pair of jeans and a plain turtle neck or t-shirt will complete the look. To know more details, visit our Twitter page now!

Leather Racer Jackets

These jackets include minimal design and a slim fit as these got first created for motorcyclists racing between cafes and pubs. Pair the jacket with a casual shirt and a pair of jeans for a thrown-together look.

Wrapping Up!

If this blog has been helpful for you, please let us know! Contact us now to produce top-quality leather jackets with other outstanding leather goods. We are waiting for your reply!

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